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Make thousands of race cars and your own drivers, in this fast-paced and fun racing game that is suitable for everyone from 7 years of age.

”Modnation Racers” is about making your own race cars and drivers, and then racing them. There are many different modes to race in, and for most of them you need to be online. The first thing that happens  upon starting a game is that you race. In this race you learn how the races and the controls work. When you have completed this, you are taught how to make your own cars and drivers. First you choose a body for your car or your driver, and then you can do pretty much what you want. You can paint the car, apply some stickers, install a good engine and much more. You can make thousands of cars and drivers, and you also have the possibility to download cars and drivers that other players have made.

The game is mainly based on online play. In most of the modes you race against other players that are connected to the Internet. In all the races you can accumulate weapons that you can use to stop your opponents. If you manage to hit a weapon crate you get a random weapon or an upgrade to a weapon already in your possession. You can also activate a turbo mode that will make your car speed up for a short period of time.

Child suitability:
”Modnation Racers” is a good racing game that is suitable for everyone from 7 years of age. All rules and how to use the controls are explained with pictures, and these are easy to understand. There is some shooting in the game, but you only shoot at cars and there is no blood, only colourful explosions.

Level of difficulty:

3-6 years: Under the age limit.

7-11 years: Some of the tracks are challenging, but far from impossible to finish. Children from the age of 7 should have no problem playing the game.

12+: The game is fun for all – young people and adults alike.

 Suggested age: Suitable for children from 7 years.

Format: PlayStation 3




 Our Assessment: Recommended


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